Golf Chipping

The pros are good at all phases of golf. But they usually depend heavily on one stage in order to help them make it. That’s their “really going to” phase. Take Brad Faxon. He putts along with anybody. As a matter of fact, he led the trip in placing average three times from 1996 to… Read More »


This article will reveal some great ideas to use next time you’re about to take putt and help sink more than you miss. Study the Green When you first get the green you need to study where you ball is laying and how far it is away for the hole. There are three main factors… Read More »


With the increase in the appeal of the game, golf is currently developing into among one of the most classy games on the planet. The tranquil eco-friendly fields spaced with lengthy trees as well as clear blue water bodies generate an essence of beauty to the online game. Players while playing the game are not… Read More »